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René Moffatt

René Moffatt

René Moffatt

René Moffatt: A Singer and Writer of Songs. Lyrics that resonate, melodies that endure and a voice that begs for your attention. With a knack for memorable melodies and insightful lyrics, this up-and-coming songster is quickly making a name for himself as a respected songwriter whereever he plays.

The path leading to René's calling as a songwriter hasn't been a direct one. While his previous lives have had little to do with playing music, they, in fact, provided him with insight and understanding that will make his musical life that much more fulfilling.

Hailing from the dry plains of Wichta Falls, Texas, it was sport that consumed René's childhood. Even though he would go on to play soccer at the collegiate level it was the discipline and sacrifice he learned that proved valuable when it was time to pour hours into guitar, piano and vocal practices. After graduating from college René began to dive into design and interactive strategy and held positions within marketing and PR agencies. He immersed himself in the very medium that has changed the music industry so dramatically over the past decade. It is with this experience that René will forge ahead, full steam, into music.

"At some point I recognized that we experience everything for a reason: empathy. To me, songwriting is an opportunity for collective empathy. A well written song compels the listener, the audience, to identify himself with what the singer is singing about. It might be a poignant paean to lost love or a hook driven melody made to make you move. Either way all that is required is for one listener to connect and the moment is seized. These are the moments that I live for as a songwriter. I'm not just writing for myself, nor for anybody else, but for that which lies in between."