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Maudlin Magpie

Maudlin Magpie

Maudlin Magpie

Jason Horodyski started Maudlin Magpie in the Fall of 2009 as a solo project, writing songs evoking a starkness of imagery and surrealism reminiscent of Haruki Murkami and David Lynch. Working as a library clerk among dusty threads of lore, communing with authors long dead but not forgotten, he began stitching together autumnal stories and literary meditations in a tenor both brooding and wistful, in stanzas replete with crescendo and decay, in the spirit of Leonard Cohen, Bright Eyes, Iron & Wine and Damien Jurado. Maudlin Magpie's current incarnation consists of Jason Horodyski, Katie Gold, Lander McLees and Luis Chavez. They have played in-studio performances on OpenAir 1340 AM (CPR), Radio 1190 AM, Regis KRCX and has shared bills with such diverse acts as Ian Cooke, Joe Sampson, Candy Claws, Porlolo, Princess Music, Doo Crowder, Lady Parts, Mouthful of Thunder, Coast West Unrest, Chuck Potashner and Dear Rabbit.

“... akin to having a conversation with a dusty book in an opiate dream... literary surrealism... stream of consciousness lyrics about life’s brief, but affecting moments.”
- Josh Johnson, Denver Post's HeyReverb "Steal This Track"

“Genuinely clever lyrics are rare, but this album is full of them. A literary aesthetic informs not just the words, but the delicately crafted music itself. Multiple narratives are created between vocals and the music, resulting in a sonic dimensionality that matches the depth of sentiment contained within.”
- Movers and Shakers 2012, Denver Westword

At times fiery, but often beautiful reserved, Two Maple Keys is as much a book of poetry as an album. The arrangements are gorgeous and often haunting. The vocals are smooth with subtle jagged edges that elucidate a quiet underlying urgency. And there's a lot of heart here, bleeding, pumping, fighting to live and love. If you aren't listening to this, you should be.
- Nate Ragolia Gas Lanter Media