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Jeffrey Wentworth Stevens

Jeffrey Wentworth Stevens

Jeffrey Wentworth Stevens

I grew up building crystal radio sets with my grandpa and now I seek the desert for inspiration.

When my wife, son, and I were driving around Nogales, Arizona. My car stalled out and I had to walk across the desert to get some help back in Nogales. As I meandered through the Sonoran desert I carried with me a six pack of Coke, a Serge Gainsbourg cassette tape, “Commandments of Dub 6” by Jah Shaka, and a bag full of goldfish crackers. Across the desert I went and I stumbled across a cactus growing wild in the desert. In desperation I injested it with my six pack of Coke. I had a vision of a professor who asked me to wear a fake beard laced with acid while we listened to an unreleased Lee Hazlewood song that made “Hey Jude” sound lame. Then the professor told me that "weird music is back." My heart soared like a Harris Hawk at the Mythopoeic Awards. I awoke at Puchi's Chevron in Nogales. I bought a churro, Hot Cheetos, a belt buckle with an alien making the peace symbol on it, some Smart Water, and filled my pockets with gas and headed back to my family. The coyotes left a trails of Crystal Pepsi to guide my way.

Jeffrey Wentworth Stevens is the comic black tender.

His music is largely inspired by the sonic experimentation that began in his youth while building crystal radio sets with his grandpa, his meanderings through the American southwest, his work with inner city immigrant students, and an obsession with 60’s/70’s film. Everything from chopped and screwed trumpet improvisations to manipulated cassette deck loops create a soundtrack for the liberating expansiveness of the western landscape as well as the experience of pioneering through the borders of American culture.
Long time friend and george&caplin band mate, Jason Iselin, is an integral part to the soundscapes cutting across all Jeff’s projects; a guitarist committed to the creation of new sound palettes via sampling techniques and the mutation of guitar tones . Other project collaborators include Cacheflowe (Justin Gitlin), and Corey Ryan (Sandusky).
Jeff's other musical endeavors include the bands george&caplin (Beta-lactam Ring Records), Wentworth Kersey (Plastic Sound Supply Records), LONG E, short e (Plastic Sound Supply Records), and MORRICONEZ (Wil-Ru Records). Through these projects, he has toured, composed film soundtracks, and recently worked with the Norwegian National Ballet. He is currently finishing up a soundtrack for the film documentary “Hanna Ranch” about Kurt Hanna’s life (2013).