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Alfonso Simental

Alfonso Simental

Alfonso Simental

Alfonso was born in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua on January 13, 1984. He is also legally blind. He plays keyboards and Harmonica. His music career began 15 years ago while living in Alamogordo. He’s currently living in Las Cruces.

Alfonso has performed in multitude nursing centers to include, Casa Arena in Alamogordo, Cotton Bloom, Golden Mesa, and Good Samaritan in Las Cruces. Alfonso performed in various Churches such as Immaculate Conception Church in Alamogordo, San Juan Diego Mission in Los Lunas, Our Lady of Health, and Holy Cross. He also played the Organ over at the Catholic Charities Store back In 2013.

Alfonso plays a variety of Mexican music, and Tex Mex, religious and country, Gospel. Alfonso has his own recording equipment and has a few recordings out.

Alfonso has recently moved to Denver Colorado after graduating from Dona Ana Community College back in May of 2018. Alfonso has obtained certificate in the "Creative Media Technology."

In conclusion, Alfonso will continue to pursue his dreams as a multimedia artist as he is still transitioning from New Mexico To Colorado. All though he wishes to go back to his home town some day.