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What is Volume?
Volume is a local music website that will allow Denver Public Library card holders to download and stream music from local bands and musicians, DRM-free. Three to four times per year we will put out a call for submissions to the local music community. Any Colorado artist is encouraged to submit their music.

How Much Music Will Be On the Site?
We currently have the resources to bring in 100 albums per year, and will be adding approximately 25 albums each quarter. Our license with the artists allows us to host the music on this site for two years, so by the end of 2015, and moving forward, we should have 200 albums on the site at any given time. This is a pilot project and may change in the future.

Why Are We Doing This?
The Denver Public Library has always been about our community, and we're looking to reinforce that. We want to offer unique content that is not available in big box stores, support the local music, and connect the people of Denver with that vibrant scene.

What's In It For Musicians?
A small amount of money and a huge chance to be part of a local online music community that doesn't have a profit motive and can reach a large audience. DPL has roughly 400,000 cardholders, and staff promotes music in our collection via reviews.

What's the Fine Print?
Selected artists will need to sign our one-way license (sample). This is a legal document that defines the rights you are giving to DPL. Please review it on your own, or with any adviser of your choosing, so that you may fully understand the agreement you will be entering into. In simplified terms, it says:

  • Denver Public Library has the right to allow its customers to download or stream the music, DRM-free, for a two-year period
  • DPL's customers can do whatever they want (as long as it's legal in terms of copyright, they don't share it, etc.) with the music
  • We will pay you a little bit of money for the rights to offer your music
  • This is non-exclusive — if you find other outlets to sell/offer your music, fine by us (as long as those other outlets are fine with your agreement with DPL)

How Do We Choose the Music?
We have a selection committee comprised of DPL staff and other members of the music community, which make music selections based on quality of the album.

If you have questions, please send them to

Note: Permission for use of all music on this site has been granted by the Musicians as Licensor